Hi, I'm Loremuel Gadrinab and This is my Portfolio

About me

When I was 10 yrs old, I loved to watch Dragon Ball and I started to draw Son Guko. In my college, I was amazed when I saw the art in web. I started to learn photoshop on my own.

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In the 1st semester of school year 2009-2010 at Xavier University, I took ICS21 subject which is the study of webpage designing and passed. I learned how to design a webpage using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, PhotoShop and Joomla. I was able to accomplish the class activities and gained good remarks. For the final project, we design a web using Joomla, our project is all about surplus-car-for-sale. In addition to that, I took CSIT77 which is all about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and learned how SEO technique works in the internet using blog.


To be able to help the company of it needs and to help myself to gain more skills and experience.

  • 1 Edited Sharingan eye
    I edited my eye using photoshop
  • 2 Glowing
    This is me
  • 3 Wearing Black shirt
    Facing the door
  • 4 In my bed
    When I'm wake up
  • 5 After my work-out
    push-up 20 times